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Happy Birthday Jesus, and Merry Christmas everyone! I sincerely hope that today is filled with laughter and joy for all of you, and that you will be surrounded by the warmth and love of family and friends! Remember that today isn’t about presents, It is about the sacrifice Jesus made to come here to earth to save us because He knew we could in no way save ourselves! His glorious gift is not gained through works, we don’t have to be perfect, but through faith we are saved and Christ will make us new!! What wonderful news! Even on this busy day, I ask that you find some time to ponder just how blessed we are, and how huge of a sacrifice Christ’s really was. There is truly no way to fathom it.
So this Christmas may your rooms and hearts be filled with worship, love and praise for our one and only King, our Savior!
Love to all,
Merry Christmas!!!