First and foremost ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! Today we celebrate YOU! Where would we be without the birth of Jesus who eventually sacrificed it all to show us what true love looks like. He is our only hope!! As hard as we may try, we all fall short and have our moments that are not pretty. Thankfully, God knows us – He created us – He loves us – He sent a savior(HIS SON) to teach us, guide us and finally rescue us from all this chaos that we muddle through each and everyday. Jesus walked this earth and knows the temptations we face and the hatred among us and yet was willing to die to save each one of us! There is not a more precious gift than the gift of Salvation.
Today has been filled with so many blessings! God is showing us miracles everyday but we must stop and notice them!!
As many of you know, my grandma had a stroke in August and our family has been struggling to find a “new” normal ever since. One week ago, she moved to an Assisted Living facility and we believe God has been pouring on the blessings. The move was such a smooth transition and Grandma seems happy! She is communicating better but still needs prayer for her speech, her walking, and for her arm to begin working again. Even with these handicaps, we are so blessed that she is with us for yet another Christmas celebration. We are praying that 2017 will be a year of healing for her.
Our entire family was able to celebrate on Christmas Eve and it felt so good to all be gathered for a happy occasion filled with so much love and joy!! God is so Good!!
2016 also held some accomplishments for me. I finally released my second CD entitled “I’m Gonna Go”. This CD has 17 songs on it and is literally jam packed with music that brings you closer to the Lord! Many people patiently awaited its arrival for many years and I hope it’s a blessing to you in the new year!!
I pray that you will treasure the blessings that God brings your way in 2017. Slow down…you can take a moment and hug a loved one, help a friend, or encourage a child…we can make it a much better world if we take the time to enjoy God’s blessings that are right under our nose! He’s still sending opportunities but you have to be open to being used by Him! We have the ability to be more like Jesus in our time spent here on Earth…strive for that! Let’s show everyone what it looks like to have Jesus in your heart and guiding your path. Welcome 2017 with Jesus in the lead and follow Him as He guides your way! If we all follow that rule of thumb, we have to see some goodness return to our turbulent lives. Step out in 2017 and let your light shine!!
Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!!!