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Merry Christmas & New Year Wishes

First and foremost ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! Today we celebrate YOU! Where would we be without the birth of Jesus who eventually sacrificed it all to show us what true love looks like. He is our only hope!! As hard as we may try, we all fall short and have our moments that are not pretty. Thankfully, God knows us – He created us – He loves us – He sent a savior(HIS SON) to teach us, guide us and finally rescue us from all this chaos that we muddle through each and everyday. Jesus walked this earth and knows the temptations we face and the hatred among us and yet was willing to die to save each one of us! There is not a more precious gift than the gift of Salvation.
Today has been filled with so many blessings! God is showing us miracles everyday but we must stop and notice them!!
As many of you know, my grandma had a stroke in August and our family has been struggling to find a “new” normal ever since. One week ago, she moved to an Assisted Living facility and we believe God has been pouring on the blessings. The move was such a smooth transition and Grandma seems happy! She is communicating better but still needs prayer for her speech, her walking, and for her arm to begin working again. Even with these handicaps, we are so blessed that she is with us for yet another Christmas celebration. We are praying that 2017 will be a year of healing for her.
Our entire family was able to celebrate on Christmas Eve and it felt so good to all be gathered for a happy occasion filled with so much love and joy!! God is so Good!!
2016 also held some accomplishments for me. I finally released my second CD entitled “I’m Gonna Go”. This CD has 17 songs on it and is literally jam packed with music that brings you closer to the Lord! Many people patiently awaited its arrival for many years and I hope it’s a blessing to you in the new year!!
I pray that you will treasure the blessings that God brings your way in 2017. Slow down…you can take a moment and hug a loved one, help a friend, or encourage a child…we can make it a much better world if we take the time to enjoy God’s blessings that are right under our nose! He’s still sending opportunities but you have to be open to being used by Him! We have the ability to be more like Jesus in our time spent here on Earth…strive for that! Let’s show everyone what it looks like to have Jesus in your heart and guiding your path. Welcome 2017 with Jesus in the lead and follow Him as He guides your way! If we all follow that rule of thumb, we have to see some goodness return to our turbulent lives. Step out in 2017 and let your light shine!!
Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!!!

Goodbye 2015 – Hello 2016!


One word….Blessed! Yes, that describes my 2015. This year has been full of blessings and I am so thankful to God for guiding me and helping me follow where He leads. Doors have been opening and I performed more concerts by April of 2015 than I had during all of 2014. I am amazed that I am truly doing what I love and am able to call it my career pathway. I am blessed!!

2016 will be a crazy year, and I can truly predict that because of all the chaos that is happening in this world. However, I will not fear going forth and spreading God’s word in song because I believe there are still so many people that need to know HE is the only one that can deliver us from the chaos—not our government, our family or our friends—only JESUS CHRIST who died on the cross to save us!! HE is the only way to Heaven and eternal life!!
Spend time in prayer with God—do not dwell on fear constantly looking over your shoulder here on earth! Focus on what God’s plan is for you….Let this verse be your guide in 2016.

Isaiah 41:10-International Standard Version
Don’t be afraid, because I’m with you; don’t be anxious, because I am your God. I keep on strengthening you; I’m truly helping you. I’m surely upholding you with my victorious right hand.”

Thank you all so much for supporting my music outreach and keeping me in prayer….I truly appreciate each one of you!!!

Wishing you a year filled with the desire to know God better and create a closer relationship with Him in 2016!!

Merry Christmas

Christmas Clip Art Banners - ClipArt Best

Happy Birthday Jesus, and Merry Christmas everyone! I sincerely hope that today is filled with laughter and joy for all of you, and that you will be surrounded by the warmth and love of family and friends! Remember that today isn’t about presents, It is about the sacrifice Jesus made to come here to earth to save us because He knew we could in no way save ourselves! His glorious gift is not gained through works, we don’t have to be perfect, but through faith we are saved and Christ will make us new!! What wonderful news! Even on this busy day, I ask that you find some time to ponder just how blessed we are, and how huge of a sacrifice Christ’s really was. There is truly no way to fathom it.
So this Christmas may your rooms and hearts be filled with worship, love and praise for our one and only King, our Savior!
Love to all,
Merry Christmas!!!

Celebrating 21!

You know that phrase: “he/she looked like a deer in headlights”? Well that was me, four days ago, when I walked into my friend’s supposed Fall Festival and everyone yelled “SURPRISE”!

I hadn’t had a surprise party since my 11th birthday, and this one really shocked me. There I was, standing in the doorway,  speechless and utterly confused as to what was going on.

So many smiling faces and they were all there wishing me a Happy 21st Birthday!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!

I never wanted to grow up and become an adult but here I am and life is good!  I’m thrilled to have this new website up and running and I’m currently in the studio working on my second gospel music CD!  I’m so excited about this CD because I’ve found some great music that I believe will fill your heart with praise and love for our Lord!!  He has brought so many blessings to my life and I hope this CD will help you realize how many blessings He’s brought to your life as well!

As I enter my life as an adult, I know I will face challenges along the way but I also know that God is right here for me and He will keep me in His care!  Here’s to Adulthood!!




Greetings For The New Year!

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful start to 2015!!  Our family had the respiratory illness that was going around and had a rather rough start to the New Year but we have all recovered and are out and about again.  I’ve had a good bit of stress since Thanksgiving but prayers have been answered and that is now lifting!  God is so good and is faithfully there when we call upon Him!


I have a website in process and hopefully it will soon be active.  The web address will be:   I’m so excited for this opportunity.  I will be able to advertise and sell my CD’s, book concerts, and share some pictures and fun stuff as it happens!!  It will also include my tour dates….I can’t wait til it’s officially up and running!!!


I’m in rehearsals for the “Valentine’s Show” at Antietam Recreation.  This will be an all new show featuring your favorite hits from Motown, Frank Sinatra and Elvis!!  Don’t forget the tasty Italian dinner, bread and sparkling cider….a wonderful evening for adults, single or married!!  Groups welcome as well.

Dates are Feb. 7 (6pm), Feb 13 (6pm), Feb 14 (6pm), Feb 19 (4:30pm), Feb 20 (6pm) and Feb 21 (6pm).


I have been blessed that the phone has been ringing and calls for concerts are coming in!!  Please keep me in mind and recommend me if you know someone who is looking for music, be it gospel or country!!


Here’s the schedule I have so far:

APRIL 30 – Keystone Family Restaurant – Waynesboro PA (reservations required: call now  717-749-7021) Show is 60% filled to capacity

Dinner buffet and 2 hours of gospel music     $13.25 includes buffet/drink/gratuity

Seating and food begins at 5:30pm with concert from 7-9pm

MAY 16 – Morning Star Singers Cabin Fever Concert – Melody Park, Hagerstown MD

1-8pm   $10 entry fee   Featuring: Curtis Hyler and Jubilation, Mark Templeton & Pocket Change (Bluegrass), The Covalts, The Masters, The Morning Star Singers, and Jessica Snyder

Gospel music throughout the day by various groups         Food Available-Bring Lawn Chairs

JUNE 28 – Twin Bridge Campground – Chambersburg PA

Gospel music with Dave Powers and Friends (free admission with love offering taken)   6-8pm

Twin Bridge Meadow Family Campground 1345 Twin Bridge Road Chambersburg, PA  17202

AUGUST 6 – Keystone Family Restaurant – Waynesboro PA
(reservations required: call 717-749-7021)

Dinner buffet and 2 hours of gospel music       $13.25 includes buffet/drink/gratuity

Seating and food begins at 5:30pm with concert from 7-9pm

OCTOBER 27 – Mountain Gate Family Restaurant – Thurmont MD
(reservations required: call 301-271-4373) $10.95 buffet and 2 hour gospel concert

Seating and food begins at 6pm with concert from 7-9pm


I’m thrilled to have Mountain Gate Restaurant on board.  We need to fill up the place so that they will consider having me back again in 2016!!


It’s exciting to already have so many concerts booked this early in the year and I am thankful that God is allowing me to bring His gospel message to the public in a manner that I truly enjoy!!


Looking forward to seeing all of you this year and I thank you for keeping my music ministry in your prayers!!




Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

God has been very good to me this year. Thinking back over 2014, the year began with a trial that caused me to have to step out in faith.  I had been saving money to make a new CD and had just reached that mark and was talking about what songs I’d like to record when I got a call from the Keystone Family Restaurant in Waynesboro, PA saying they were willing to have me perform at their venue.  The catch…I need to have have my own sound equipment.  The date that was offered was just 30 days away and I would have to buy equipment, learn to use it, and prepare 60 minutes more music (2 hours worth) all in that 30 day period along with giving up the opportunity to have a new CD which many of you were asking for.  Needless to say, I bought the equipment and have since had an additional concert at Keystone and they have booked me for two more next year!  As it turned out, God sent an angel to that exact concert and I was contacted a month after the concert by an attendee who had prayed and gotten the message from God that she should support my ministry.  The amount he/she gifted me was exactly the amount I spent on equipment!  What a great lesson learned.  I know they don’t always have endings like that but it was a great faith booster!!!

In May, I was invited to sing at Smithsburg Days.  It was a great opportunity for me and my Dad to just do a set of Country Music songs and duets.  A nice change to be able to do the country music as well.

July found me singing once again at the Morning Star Singers annual Gospel Sing which is always a blessing to participate in and then competing in the 2014 Country Showdown where I was awarded the title of “Local Winner” with a chance to move on and possibly sing on the Ryman stage in Nashville, TN.  Unfortunately I did not make it through the next level but I am aware that everything happens in God’s time and this was not the right time to have that happen in my life!

September brought me back to the Keystone Family Restaurant for another sold-out concert and they have now made the decision to move me to their larger room (more blessings)!

October brought about a concert at Ivy Hill Farm in Smithsburg MD.  It was a cold day but everyone bundled up and we had a good time.  Yet another time we needed to use that equipment bought at the beginning of the year!

God has been so good to me in 2014 and He has grown my ministry of His message in song.  I am so blessed!  I am now back to choosing my songs and will be going in the studio in early 2015 to record a new gospel CD.  Hopefully by the end of 2015, I will have new music for those of you that have waited so patiently!!

I hope you all have had a blessed year with friends and family and that you keep the spirit of Christmas in your heart always!  Be a blessing to someone, encourage others and let your light shine for Jesus…He’s the reason for the season!!